Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sugar Alcohols: CPE Program

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation has developed a Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)-approved continuing professional education (CPE) online program on the subject of sugar alcohols.
If you are a registered dietitian or a dietetic technician, registered, simply follow the instructions to earn one CPE credit hour following your successful completion of the CPE questions.
Program Objectives:
After completing this home-study CPE program, participants will be able to:
  • Define sugar alcohols
  • Identify the forms of sugar alcohols
  • Explain the metabolic process for sugar alcohols
  • Describe the factors that influence consumers’ response to sugar alcohols consumption
  • Explain how sugar alcohols can be incorporated into a diet plan for persons with diabetes
  • Discuss how information about sugar alcohols is presented in various places on the food label
Suggested Learning Codes*:
2000 Science of Food & Nutrition
2100 Nutritional Biochemistry
8090 Menu Planning and Development, Nutrient Analysis
* Please note that although learning codes are listed above for this program, you may use any learning code if it is applicable.
Instructions for Participants:
Step 1.  Please click here to register for this free CPE self-study module.
Step 2.  Read the program objectives for this CPE program as listed above.
Step 3.  Read the Sugar Alcohols Fact Sheet.  You can view or download the fact sheet through this link (PDF).
Step 4.  Review the CPE questions (PDF) for the Sugar Alcohols Fact Sheet to ensure you have met the program objectives.  When you are finished, view the CPE Quiz Answers (PDF). 
Step 5. Follow this link to provide an on-line evaluation of this CPE Module.
Step 6.  Download the Certificate of Completion (PDF) and put it in your files to verify completion of the CPE program and to receive one CPE credit hour.

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