Friday, November 25, 2011

Advanced Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition Program: Up to 8 Free CEUS

By submitting an application for participation in the Nestlé Nutrition Institute Advanced Enteral Nutrition Program, you agree to the following expectations:
1.  The participants are required to attend and interact on each of the five conference calls.  The total amount of time for the five calls is 8.5 hours over a five week time frame (one call per week on Tuesdays).  The conference calls will last typically 1.5 hours.   The conference calls will be held during work hours.  The call in time will be as follows:

Week 1 and Week 5 Weeks 2, 3, 4
3:00  -  5:00 pm ET 3:00  -  4:30 pm ET
2:00  -  4:00 pm CT 2:00  -  3:30 PM CT
1:00  -  3:00 MT1:00  -  2:30 PM MT
12:00 - 2:00 PT 12:00 - 1:30 pm PT

2.  Participants will complete all pre-work assignments including required reading and view video-based programs. It is estimated that this will require an additional 2 hours per week.
Please note there will be a required reading assignment prior to the first call.
3.  Participants will prepare a case study for weeks 2 through 5 and at least one participant per call will be selected to present to the group. Estimated prep time is 1 hour.
4.  Participants will prepare an article review for weeks 2 through 5 and at least one participant per call will be selected to present to the group. Estimated prep time is 1 hour.
5.  Participants will answer five questions following each call for weeks 1 through 5 and fax the responses to the Program Instructor for review. Estimated time is 15 minutes.  Time will be allowed during the Q&A session to address the answers to the questions from the previous week.

Program overview
The program will be conducted over five consecutive weeks via weekly telephone conference calls with Dr. Mark DeLegge, augmented by reading assignments and quizzes. The conference calls are structured to provide didactic instruction, case study and article presentations, and the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues.

  PPT presentation addressing weekly goals (30 minutes)
  Application of knowledge (40 minutes)
      ο  Present a case study
      ο  Present a published article
  Q and A session (20 minutes)

Week 1: Medical Team Fundamentals; Interpreting Clinical Studies;
Case Presentations [2.0 hours]

* Course orientation including expectations and use of provided materials
* Interpretation of various forms of published articles
* Patient case presentation for the healthcare team

Week 2: Enteral Nutrition and Access [1.5 hours]
* Methods of enteral access
* How and why the GI tract is protected by enteral feeding
* Monitoring enteral feeding tolerance
* Demonstration: Approaching the healthcare team with nutrition care recommendations

Week 3: Nutrition Support of Gastrointestinal Disorders [1.5 hours]
* Pathophysiology of pancreatitis
* Primary goals for feeding the patient with short bowel syndrome
* Demonstration:Approaching physicians with clinical evidence

Week 4: Geriatrics; Metabolic Conditions – Obesity and Diabetes [1.5 hours]
* Nutritional needs of the geriatric patient
* Exploration: Evidence-based recommended blood sugar goals for hospitalized patients
* Exploration: Approaches to influencing physician prescription for nutritional care of an obese patient with diabetes and pressure ulcers
* Demonstration: MNA® screening tool utilization

Week 5: Critical Care [2.0 hours]
* Barriers to successfully feeding the critically ill patient
* Markers of hemodynamic stability
* Demonstration: Dialogue that can be used to initiate feeding in a critically ill patient

Nestlé Nutrition is a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Accredited Provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration.  Registered Dietitians will receive up to 8.5 CPEUs for completion of this program. CPE Accredited Provider Number NE008.

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